Pew Foundation and Varda Group

IUCN World Congress on Conservation.  /

October 2008, Barcelona

Considered as the most important event on conservation in the world, the Congress is hold every 4 years in order to improve the way we manage our environment and help the human, social and economic development. Over 6.600 leaders representing governments, public sector, NGOs, corporations, UN agencies and social organizations debated and agreed solutions for the most relevant environmental issues of the world.

SinergiQ coordinated all the logistics (accommodation, offices, parallel program) of the renowned American PEW Foundation delegation from the USA.

SinergiQ facilitated the gathering of start-ups and investors at Sonar+D

SinergiQ collaborated in the organization and hosting of the “Meet the Investor” activity, held during Sónar+D in Barcelona, on June 18-19.

By the first time at Sónar+D, the companies participating in the Start-up Competition as well as the registered entrepreneurs were able to meet 24 renowned investors to present their projects.

The activity consisted of several speed-meetings of 3 minutes each, where entrepreneurs were given the opportunity to explain their projects in an elevator-pitch style, asking the support of the possible investors.

International and Spanish business angels, venture capital, incubators and accelerators were part of the 24 invited investors.

Fotografías © Sonar+d

La Red Innova

La Red Innova Conferences, Madrid 2009-2012

2009 – 2012, Madrid

La Red Innova was the leading meeting on Internet and innovation for the Spanish and Portuguese markets. During its three initial editions, the event was held in Madrid, putting together each year over 800 attendees from 23 countries, 300 innovative start-ups, 80 venture capital firms, 90 international speakers, 100 bloggers, 43 media and 10.000 followers via Twitter and streaming.

In the three editions SinergiQ coordinated the program and the participation of local and international speakers, including the development and management of the program in two languages, the overall production of the sessions, the logistic coordination and the on-stage management, among other tasks.

Fotografías © La Red Innova

Fundación Círculo de Economía

Carlos Güell Awards to Corporate Social Responsibility, Sponsorship and Patronage

2007 – to date, Madrid y Barcelona

The Carlos Güell Awards are the most important CSR, sponsorship and patronage prizes delivered in Spain to companies and corporate foundations. The renowned Circulo de Economia Foundation willingness is to recognise the most relevant CSR initiatives led by Spanish companies, corporate foundations and charities implemented inside or outside Spain.

SinergiQ coordinates the Secretariat of the annual Carlos Güell Awards, visiting companies and promoting the presentation of candidatures, analysing the projects, coordinating the meeting of the members of the jury, and managing the protocol of the ceremonies. His Majesty the King of Spain has chaired twice the prizes ceremony when he was HRH the Prince of Asturias.

Fotografías © Fundación Círculo de Economía

EXPO – International Exhibition Zaragoza 2008

Citizen Initiatives Pavilion “El Faro”

2006-2008, Zaragoza

“Water and Sustainable Development” was the motto of the Zaragoza EXPO, an event that attracted 5.65 million visitors in 2008. “EL FARO” was the Citizen Initiatives Pavilion, with 1.600 m2 of eco-sustainable buildings, 1.1 million visitors, 90 roundtables and debates led by a governing board formed by 29 NGOs.

On behalf of ECODES, SinergiQ was in charge of the definition and conceptualization of the roundtables content, as well as the coordination of the civil society participation in the activities of the pavilion.

© Ecodes

MicroBank LaCaixa

Conference “The impulse of microfinances in Europe”

May 2010, Barcelona

Organized by Microbank from LaCaixa, this conference was opened by Her Majesty Queen Sofia of Spain. Its aim was to discuss he role of banks in the microcredit development in Europe and it was also an opportunity to meet European banks and projects similar to MicroBank (the social bank of LaCaixa) with experiences in the field.

The representatives of the major EU institutions as well as over 100 financial entities, institutional bodies and experts coming from Europe, America and Japan took part in this event held in Barcelona.

SinergiQ was in charge of the development of the programme and the overall coordination of relationship with speakers. Our company also managed the technical secretariat of the event, taking care of the invitation process, registrations and the logistic issues of all the attendees.

Fotografías © MicroBank

“LeWeb París” Conference 2013 and 2014

LeWeb Startup Competition, Barcelona 2014

2013-to date, Barcelona and Paris

LeWeb is Europe’s most important conference on digital innovation. It takes place in Paris every year and gathers more than 3.200 attendees. Before each edition, there is a “Startup Tour” in four European cities. Barcelona was one of the selected cities in 2014: 71 applicants, 12 finalists, 2 winners and 9 juries took part in this key innovation contest.

As LeWeb representative for Spain, SinergiQ coordinated the organization of the “Barcelona” stage of the 2014 Startup Tour as well as the presence of the Spanish participants at LeWeb Paris 2013 and 2014.

Zinc Shower 2015

Investors’ Corner

May 2015, Madrid

ZincShower is Spain’s most important event in creative and collaborative economy. During its third edition (2015) it gathered 50 national and international investors, with an investment capacity of 120 million euros. 100 innovative start-ups, 8 working sessions and 1 minute for each elevator pitch were the key ingredients of the hundreds of high profile speed-date meetings held during two days.

Together with YouNoodle, SinergiQ was in charge of the Investors’ Corner coordination, including the invitation, follow up and communication with the investors and participants start-ups. The event was highly productive and successful in terms of audience, quality and dynamism.

Fotografías © Zinc Shower


Special Program “Meet the Investors”, Sonar Festival 2015

June 2015, Barcelona

Sonar is one of the world’s most renowned festivals in the areas of music production, creativity and technology. The “Sonar PlusD” is a parallel event devoted to the digital transformation of the industry, with 4.500 representatives, 24 national and international investors, dozens of start-ups and entrepreneurs, and 230 elevator-pitch meetings.

Under Fresh Thinking Barcelona’s supervision, responsible for the “Sonar+D Startup Competition”, SinergiQ was in charge of the coordination of the “Meet the Investors” special program.

Fotografías © Sonar+d

Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament de Vicepresidència.

Political and business delegation to India, led by the Catalan Vice-President.

February 2007, India

On February 2007, the Catalan Vice-President led a political and business delegation travelling to India, in order to attend the 4 Motors European Association and the FICCI (Indian Commerce and Industry Chambers Federation) in New Delhi. The delegation also travelled to Bangalore in order to meet and visit technological and bio-tech corporations, and to Anantapur, where they met Vicente Ferrer, founder of a leading Spanish charitable foundation, in order to inaugurate schools and hospitals funded by the Government of Catalonia.

SinergiQ was in charge of designing and managing the protocol of the visit, including a prospection trip was done three weeks before in coordination with the Spanish Embassy in New Delhi..

Fotografías ©  Generalitat de Catalunya