SinergiQ has a key role in the success of “La Barcelona de les Solucions”

La Barcelona de les Solucions (, an original event from Asociacion En Positivo was held in Barcelona’s CaixaForum for the very first edition on May 26. It consisted of a series of panels taking place all day long.

More than 40 speakers coming from the fields of business, education, technology, culture, education, welfare and charity came to introduce new projects and concepts developed in Barcelona and aimed to provide new solutions to local and global problems. The event was meant to provide those projects the public relevance that so often they are not able to collect by themselves.

The panels were completed with performances, ranging cultural, creativity and meditational issues and concluded with a debate on the role of mass media in spreading constructive news.

SinergiQ was responsible to direct the official program of the event. Personalities such as Gilles Vanderpooten (Reporters d’Espoirs), the Spanish journalists Xavier Vidal Folch, Enric Sierra, Lluis Foix and Elisenda Camps, the weather man Tomas Molina and representatives from various projects, amongst them: Starlab Barcelona, Fundació Vicki Bernadet, Escuela Social Ana Bella or Proactiva Open Arms, the “Catalan of the Year” winner Oscar Camps.

Prestigious entities such as Obra Social de La Caixa, Barcelona City Council, ESADE, La Vanguardia, Deloitte and the Futbol Club Barcelona Foundation endorsed the vent together with other relevant organizations.

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Fotografies © En Positivo