FINA – Swimming International Federation

FINA World Swimming Championships 2013, World Water Polo Championships

July – August, 2013, Barcelona

Barcelona hosted the FINA World Swimming Championship in 2013 including one of its key competitions: the final phase of the Water Polo World Championships. The Bernat Picornell Sports Center in Montjuic welcomed 32 national teams (both men and women) which engaged in 88 matches under a strong media attention and institutional presence.

SinergiQ was responsible for the overall protocol of the championship coordinating a team of professionals and volunteers.


Casa Asia – International Congress on Asian Tourism

International Congress on Asian Tourism

2008-2015, Barcelona

Asia is the origin of more than 150 million tourists every year and one of the world-class destinations is Spain. For this reason Casa Asia is organising a biannual event aimed at studying this trend and facilitating the travel experiences between Spain and Asia.

The previous editions gathered 90 experts, high officials and experts from China, Japan India and South-Asia, and all the Spanish key tourism industry stakeholders.

SinergiQ has been in charge of coordinating the sponsorship policy and is also member of the organising committee since its first edition.  Our role is to advise Casa Asia on program development and manage the selection, invitation and follow-up of national and international speakers.

Fotografías © Casa Asia

TckTckTck Climate Alliance

United Nations for the Climate Change preparatory Meeting

November 2009, Barcelona

The Barcelona roundtable was the last of the preparatory meetings held in 2009 aimed at reaching an international agreement on climate change after 2012. There were 4.500 delegates from 181 countries.

One of the most relevant actions of the TckTckTck Climate Alliance was the distribution of 1.000 alarm clocks to delegates in order to warn that time was running out. SinergiQ was responsible for the coordination of the NGOs Alliance’s Technical Secretariat during the meeting.

Fotografías © TckTckTck

China at Barcelona Summit

2011 – 2013, Barcelona

China at Barcelona Summit is the first initiative of promotion of direct investment from China towards Southern Europe and Mediterranean areas. It is a unique opportunity for major investors from the Asian giant to meet relevant stakeholders in Barcelona and expand their operations in Europe.

SinergiQ worked as Technical Secretariat of the first three editions, coordinating the program and the agenda, and organizing site visits for Chinese delegations. Our company also managed the registration of delegates and all the logistics of the events (protocol, transport, hostesses, translators, technicians, photographer, catering, etc.).

Fotografías © China at Barcelona Summit

FIBA – International Basketball Federation

FIBA World Basketball Cup 2014  

September 2014, Madrid

FIBA World Basketball Cup is the world’s most important basketball event- Its 2014 edition was held in Spain, with 24 national teams, 6 cities venues, thousands of people in audience and 15.000 volunteers. Madrid was the main host city and the venue for the Quarters, Semi and Finals.

SinergiQ was in charge of protocol, including VIP management in the Madrid venue, leading a team of 40 professionals and volunteers.

Casa Asia – High Board of Trustees

High Board of Trustees

2007 – to date

Casa Asia is a public diplomacy organization created by the Spanish Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Catalan Autonomous Government, the Barcelona City Council and the Madrid City Council. Its goal is to promote the exchange between the Asia & Pacific societies and Spain, developing common projects in the cultural, education and political fields; as well as to increase the commercial and economic relations between Spain and Asia.

SinergiQ is responsible for the coordination of the High Board of Trustees, a body integrated by a number of prestigious companies and institutions, as well as to develop and manage the relationship with Casa Asia private partners and collaborating institutions.

Fotografías © Casa Asia

Pew Foundation and Varda Group

IUCN World Congress on Conservation.  /

October 2008, Barcelona

Considered as the most important event on conservation in the world, the Congress is hold every 4 years in order to improve the way we manage our environment and help the human, social and economic development. Over 6.600 leaders representing governments, public sector, NGOs, corporations, UN agencies and social organizations debated and agreed solutions for the most relevant environmental issues of the world.

SinergiQ coordinated all the logistics (accommodation, offices, parallel program) of the renowned American PEW Foundation delegation from the USA.

La Red Innova

La Red Innova Conferences, Madrid 2009-2012

2009 – 2012, Madrid

La Red Innova was the leading meeting on Internet and innovation for the Spanish and Portuguese markets. During its three initial editions, the event was held in Madrid, putting together each year over 800 attendees from 23 countries, 300 innovative start-ups, 80 venture capital firms, 90 international speakers, 100 bloggers, 43 media and 10.000 followers via Twitter and streaming.

In the three editions SinergiQ coordinated the program and the participation of local and international speakers, including the development and management of the program in two languages, the overall production of the sessions, the logistic coordination and the on-stage management, among other tasks.

Fotografías © La Red Innova

Fundación Círculo de Economía

Carlos Güell Awards to Corporate Social Responsibility, Sponsorship and Patronage

2007 – to date, Madrid y Barcelona

The Carlos Güell Awards are the most important CSR, sponsorship and patronage prizes delivered in Spain to companies and corporate foundations. The renowned Circulo de Economia Foundation willingness is to recognise the most relevant CSR initiatives led by Spanish companies, corporate foundations and charities implemented inside or outside Spain.

SinergiQ coordinates the Secretariat of the annual Carlos Güell Awards, visiting companies and promoting the presentation of candidatures, analysing the projects, coordinating the meeting of the members of the jury, and managing the protocol of the ceremonies. His Majesty the King of Spain has chaired twice the prizes ceremony when he was HRH the Prince of Asturias.

Fotografías © Fundación Círculo de Economía

EXPO – International Exhibition Zaragoza 2008

Citizen Initiatives Pavilion “El Faro”

2006-2008, Zaragoza

“Water and Sustainable Development” was the motto of the Zaragoza EXPO, an event that attracted 5.65 million visitors in 2008. “EL FARO” was the Citizen Initiatives Pavilion, with 1.600 m2 of eco-sustainable buildings, 1.1 million visitors, 90 roundtables and debates led by a governing board formed by 29 NGOs.

On behalf of ECODES, SinergiQ was in charge of the definition and conceptualization of the roundtables content, as well as the coordination of the civil society participation in the activities of the pavilion.

© Ecodes