Zinc Shower 2015

Investors’ Corner, a success story during the 3rd Madrid’s Zinc Shower

The Investors’ Corner, an activity coordinated together by SinergiQ and YouNoodle, was perceived as one of the most interesting and powerful of all the events held at the third edition of Zinc Shower, in Madrid on 8-9 May.

Zinc Shower is an event devoted to the creative and collaborative economy. Its annual meeting brings together entrepreneurs and outstanding projects and, for the first time this year, investors were invited too.

50 of the most important Spanish and international investors have attended the Investors’ Corner, a speed-dating activity where over 100 start-ups presented their innovative projects.

The successful numbers of attendees and the high quality of the discussed projects will allow the Zinc Shower organizers to position the Investor Corner as one of the reference meetings in Spain for innovative projects.

Fotografías © Zinc Shower