Annual Meeting 2015 – Buenos Aires (Argentina)

XI World Congress 2014 – Hyderabad (India)

October 2014 and May 2015, Hyderabad and Buenos Aires

METROPOLIS is the world association of cities with more than 1 million inhabitants. During its Annual Meeting held in May 2015 in Buenos Aires, 63 cities from 37 countries participated. There were 623 international delegates and 151 organizations taking part in 19 working sessions.

One year before, the annual meeting was held in Hyderabad, India. There 93 cities, 250 international speakers, 1.800 delegates took part in 60 sessions resulting in over 700 clippings in international media.

SinergiQ advised Metropolis Secretariat in the definition of the sponsorship strategy of both events, as well as in the relationship with sponsors. Our company also coordinated the participation of key international organizations such as FIBA, World Business Council for Suitable Development (WBCSD) and We Are Water Foundation.

Fotografías © Metropolis